President's Message

Information and communication technology (ICT) has grown and developed dramatically coming into the 21st century, is penetrating society deeply with a variety of daily, social and economic activities becoming heavily dependent on ICT. Against this background, threats to information security have become increasingly sophisticated and complicated, and is a serious issue in today’s society. A competition throughout the globe is in progress to apply ICT to industry as a whole using IoT (Internet of Things), to increase industrial competitiveness. A key issue will be ensuring IoT security when information is being exchanged between various devices.

Countermeasures have generally been implemented through network operators, due to the majority of security threats being caused by attacks through networks.
However, as the ICT environment becomes more developed and complicated, a wider range of collaboration will become necessary for improvement in the level of countermeasures against information security threats. And so, we have collaborated with a wide variety of corporations and associations involved in ICT, and founded “ICT-ISAC” with the purpose of contributing to the formation of a safe ICT society.

“ICT-ISAC” will operate on a basis of collaborating with business operators from a wide range of fields including ISP, such as telecommunications carriers, broadcasters, software vendors, information providing service operators, and information-related equipment manufacturing operators, in order to ensure network security. A diverse group of operators will share information regarding the collection and analysis of information and countermeasures, and will counter threats as a collaborative and concerted organization, transcending the boundaries of the industry. It is our sincere desire that “ICT-ISAC” will enhance the safe ICT environment by standing up against the ever-changing threats to information security, and by doing so, contribute to the further development of an advanced ICT society in Japan.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those involved for your continued support, loyal patronage and guidance.

President of ICT-ISAC Japan
June 21, 2016

Organization Profile

Organization Name ICT-ISAC Japan
Establishment Mar 9, 2016
Address Sakura Building 8F, 2-5-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, JAPAN
President Tadao SAITO (Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo)
Executive Adviser Hisao IIZUKA
  Koji NAKAO
Observers National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Telecommunications Services Association
Telecommunications Carriers Association
Japan Internet Providers Association
Japan Data Communications Association
Japan Cable and Telecommunications Association
  1. Collection, research, and analysis of information relating to cybersecurity
  2. Promotion of Information sharing and collaborative handling between members
  3. Development of cybersecurity human resources, and cybersecurity enlightenment activities
  4. Activities to maintain and keep upgrading cybersecurity guidelines
  5. Activities as CACT, the Certified Association against Cyber attacks on Telecom equipment
History June, 2002
The preparatory committee for establishment of “Information Sharing and Analysis Center” for telecommunication carriers was set up.

July, 2002
“Telecom Information Sharing and Analysis Center”(Telecom-ISAC Japan) was launched by seven internet service providers as its first members.

March, 2016
ICT-ISAC Japan was established.

July, 2016
ICT-ISAC Japan started real activities by succeeding activities and operations of Telecom-ISAC Japan.

Member Companies

Working Group /
Special interest Group Activities

Working Groups

  1. BGP-WG
    Established July 2005
    Responsible company NTT Communications
    Activities Sharing of routing information among ISPs, rapid response at the time of abnormal routing information, and operation of 'Keiro-Bugyo (route magistrate) System'
    Established April 2007
    Activities Information exchange for operational quality improvement of internet access network service, sharing of best practices, and exchange of ideas with experts
  3. Society of Network Abuse Response-WG (SoNAR-WG)
    Established      December 2007
    Responsible company NTT Communications
    Sony Network Communications
    Rakuten Mobile
    Activities Information sharing related to tackling fraud/illegal activities abusing network, and development of framework to suppress the expansion of the incident
  4. Cyber Attack Defense Exercise-WG (CAE-WG)
    Established May 2009
    Responsible company Fujitsu
    Activities Planning and carrying out of defense exercises assuming the outbreak of cyber attacks
  5. DoS-WG
    Established October 2011
    Responsible company Internet Initiative Japan
    Activities Realization of rapid and appropriate response to DoS attacks, by consideration of rapid response to DoS attacks, useful mechanisms of cooperative actions among multiple operators and prediction and early detection of domestic DoS attacks
  6. Privacy issues-WG
    Established December 2013
    Responsible company NTT Communications
    Activities Discussions and examinations on response to the cyber-attacks, and formulation of guidelines pertaining to secrecy of communication
  7. Cyber Attack Measures for Broadcast Facilities-WG
    Established October 2016
    Activities Execution of activities in accordance with the times, aiming promotion of improving the level of security resistance of all the broadcasting organizations for them to respond appropriately to cyber-attacks changing day by day
  8. IoT Security-WG
    Established August 2016
    Responsible company NTT Communications
    Activities Promotion of IoT security reinforcement, through activities such as understanding of the actual situation of vulnerable IoT devices through architecture consideration and system construction, investigation and considering of countermeasures, collaboration with other WGs of ICT-ISAC (including reorganization of the secrecy of communications), cooperation with governmental measures, sharing of information such as release of periodical reports, and consideration of enlightenment activities for improvement of awareness of IoT security
  9. Information Sharing-WG
    Established November 2016
    Responsible company Hitachi
    Activities Promotion of cooperation regarding the sharing of information such as international cooperation and cooperation between ISACs, consideration of the utilization of information within ICT-ISAC
  10. CACT (Certified Association against Cyber attacks on Telecom equipment) WG
    Established September 2018
    Responsible company KDDI
    Activities Promotion of operation as the certified association stipulated in the Telecommunications Business ACT, support for execution of works to call attention to ISPs for NOTICE (National Operation Towards IoT Clean Environment) operation to be proceeded smoothly, and promotion of considering improvement measures for the attention calling works
  11. CSA-WG
    Established March 2019
    Activities With ICT-ISAC's participation as a member of the Cybersecurity Council established by NISC, promotion of information sharing with the council and among ICT-ISAC members
  12. Global and internal ISACs’ Cooperation WG
    Established April 2019
    Responsible company KDDI Research
    Activities By establishing a network for cooperation with reliable organizations in and out of Japan, making of a contribution to ICT-ISAC activities through continuous collaborative activities with them
  13. IT Security-WG
    Established October 2022
    Responsible company NTT Communications
    Activities Sharing information on threats to internal IT systems and cybersecurity issues related to IT use
  14. Utilizing and sharing of C2 server list -WG
    Established November 2022
    Responsible company NTT Communications
    Activities Consideration of sharing and utilization of C2 server list among telecommunications carriers
  15. Study Group for Advanced Technologies -WG
    Established      April 2023
    Activities Providing members with a place to gather information on advanced technologies that are expected to be put to practical use in the next 5 to 10 years

Special interest Groups

  1. DNS-SiG
    Established      June 2008
    Activities Maintenance of effectiveness of information sharing and contact systems between DNS operators, within the range of face-to-face relationships
  2. Next Generation-SiG
    Established      July 2018
    Facilitator JCOM
    Activities To prevent younger generation from leaving Cyber Security untouched, clarification of the meaning of joining ICT-ISAC activities to them, and improvement of the environment for their joining
    Established      January 2019
    Activities Sharing of information among participant ISPs to promote NOTICE (National Operation Towards IoT Clean Environment) operation
  4. Corporate SL IoT Device Vulnerability Response SiG
    Established      June 2020
    Facilitator TOYO Corporation
    Activities In regard to security incident risks of the vulnerability of IoT devices being left unmeasured, consideration on how to execute calling attention to corporate users
  5. Visualization of Availability SiG
    Established      December 2021
    Facilitator Softbank
    Activities Constructing proper mechanism to visualize industry-wide operation status, and systematization of information sharing with GUI dashboard, based on status information, such as failure occurrence, publicized for contractors
  6. G7-SiG
    Established      March 2023
    Activities Information sharing to respond to various cyber-attacks during the term of the G7 Summit and related Ministerial Meetings held in Japan in 2023

Access to the office

Sakura Building 8F, 2-5-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
(2-minute walk from Exit 2a of Toranomon Sta.[G07], Tokyo Metro Ginza Line; 2-minute walk from Exit A2(A2a) of Toranomon Hills Sta.[H06], Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)